Saskia is completing a Mechanical Engineering Internship at Team over the summer to learn more about the industry she wants to work in after completing her MEng in Biomedical Engineering at Queen Mary University of London.

“I am continually fascinated by medical devices and how a design can drastically improve the quality of someone’s life. This passion has been with me from an early age when I witnessed improvements made to elderly relatives’ lives through this intervention. It inspired me to wonder about what was possible and made biomedical engineering the only career choice for me. After I complete my MEng I hope to focus specifically on medical device design through additional study.”

“I have loved my first few weeks at Team – everyone has been very welcoming and I am really enjoying the project and the team I am working with. It is such a supportive and collaborative environment which I believe is really boosting my creative skills. In addition to using CAD, 3D printing and testing the device, it is challenging me to become more aware of how to look at things from countless perspectives while considering the multiple people who will use the end product. I have really enjoyed being able to bounce around ideas with the other engineers on my project and appreciating their own individual roles within it.”

During her two years at Queen Mary Saskia has already been involved in a number of design projects including one on sustainability where her team invented a bench to collect and re-use rain water. Saskia also redesigned an important orthopaedics surgical instrument used for the biopsy of hard tissue and to encourage the regeneration of hard tissue, showcasing her design skills and highlighting to her the need to continually look for improvements to established methods. With project work in groups and individually, Saskia has been able to learn from her peers and other outstanding engineers in her cohort, skills which she is already putting to good use at Team.

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