Thomas is a consultant within the Electronics and Software group. His role consists of developing safe, secure, software for a wide range of medical devices. He develops software for a variety of platforms, including ARM embedded processors, iOS and Android smartphones, and Python based PC applications.

“I work with Team Consulting’s software and electronics group, contributing to software development and the lifecycle management of medical device software. Knowing that the work I do could save, or improve, lives is what drives me.

Thomas has contributed to a range of medical device development projects, developing software for diagnostics devices and supporting Team’s work towards the Ventilator Challenge. He has been responsible for managing the software development lifecycle and for software risk management across a range of software safety classifications.

Thomas has an MEng in Biomedical Engineering from Imperial College London. His Master’s project involved the design of the electronics, and embedded firmware, used to continuously monitor glucose, lactate, and potassium in traumatic brain injury patients.