Olympia is a Senior Consultant Applied Scientist at Team Consulting, where she leverages her multidisciplinary skill set in the field of biotechnology instrumentation to develop innovative and impactful medical devices. Her background includes developing solutions based on microfluidics, optics, nanofabrication, data science and molecular biology methods.

“I am fascinated by the innovation that occurs at the intersection of multiple disciplines and intrigued by the complexity of system integration for the development of healthcare solutions and medical devices. I am enthusiastic to be working within the dynamic environment at Team to achieve that.”

“Having worked at various stages of technology development, from research to start-up and product launch, I appreciate the significance and challenges of each stage for technology innovation. As a consultant at Team, I have the opportunity to apply my learnings by working on projects from concept through to production.”

Olympia has a PhD in Physics from the University of Cambridge where she carried out research in the field of organic semiconductors with application on flexible solar panels. Previously, she worked towards the development of sequencing solutions focusing on system integration as well as on technology transfer activities within an academic environment.

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