Technology landscaping

Whether you are looking to license a device technology to deliver your therapy, or acquire technology to expand your product portfolio, our team guides you through the early stages of this process. We assess the technology landscape, creating a shortlist of candidate technologies and identifying options that best meet your needs.

Aligning diverse stakeholders

Working closely with your team, we help you gain consensus and alignment on your project goals, and aspirations for the technology. During this phase, our innovation specialists help you share knowledge between different stakeholders and develop a shared vision for what you want to achieve.

Technology landscaping

Define your technology requirements

Next, we assist you in defining and prioritising your requirements for the technology, considering your technical, commercial and market requirements. Our team can help you assign weighting values to indicate the importance of each requirement and scoring and selection criteria against which the technologies will be assessed. Using a set scoring system ensures that all the potential options are evaluated on the same basis.

Technology landscaping

Exploring the technology landscape

Marketed and pre-market technology landscape is then explored using a variety of sources such as subject experts, conferences, publications and supplier websites. We create a detailed database to help ensure we capture the same relevant information for each technology. This information can then be presented in a visual proforma to create a short summary of each technology that is easy to compare and digest.

Delivery Device

Assess technologies against your requirements

Finally, technologies are scored and assessed against your defined requirements. This helps identify which options best meet your needs and highlights any trade-offs between them and/or modifications that may be needed. Through this assessment, we identify an initial shortlist of potential technologies that are worthy of further investigation.

Technology landscaping

Refining your shortlist

There will still be several steps beyond this that are needed to further refine your shortlist. For example, a detailed programme of technical and commercial assessment may be needed, alongside user research to ensure your technology meets the needs of your end users.

If any design modifications are required, a programme of development and testing will also be needed, as well as further due diligence to assess the capabilities of your chosen supplier. Please visit our due diligence page for further information.

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