Mechanical engineering

Our experienced mechanical engineers design and develop medical devices for future success. From the early concept stages onwards, we help you create safe, effective and reliable products, whether you need a bench prototype or devices produced in the millions.

Using state-of-the art tools and techniques your devices are designed, modelled, analysed and the technology is tested to inform decisions and build confidence in the design throughout your product’s development cycle. We balance our expertise in engineering analysis and empirical investigation to develop a deep understanding of your device and address technical challenges. Analysis and simulation allow us to characterise, predict and optimise performance in ways that would be impractical in reality, while testing with physical models, prototypes and pilot devices gives us the real-world evidence to iterate and prove your design.

From ingenious mechanisms and innovative packaging to novel processes and automated test equipment, our engineers create robust and elegant solutions for your product. Our multidisciplinary approach ensures your medical devices work well in the hands of your users. By considering manufacture from day one, we deliver devices which are commercially and operationally viable.

Assembly and test rigs

Testing your device with bespoke test rigs to support you through formal verification and using assembly rigs to calibrate your medical device so it can be assembled repeatably and reliably.


Engineering analysis

Understanding, solving and predicting using proprietary and state-of-the-art Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) tools.



Supporting your device into production with design for manufacture and assembly.



Evaluating ideas, testing concepts and demonstrating feasibility with prototypes of your device.



Analysing and designing your devices to minimise greenhouse gases and waste, and reduce carbon footprint.


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