Automated software testing

Automated software testing allows you to make your development process more efficient. Defects can be discovered earlier and verification and implementation of software features can be streamlined. Our team of software consultants can help you switch to automated testing and remove the need for time-consuming manual tests.

Working with multiple software developers

Medical software must go through a stringent validation and verification process before being used in medical devices. To improve the quality of your software and discover bugs more quickly, we can apply continuous integration (CI) – a software development approach where multiple developers regularly merge their individual code changes into a shared codebase. Once the code is approved, it is run through several automated tests to maintain precision and quality.

Fixing software errors quickly

Automated testing enables you to test software requirements significantly faster than manual testing, and reduces human error. Every time a change is introduced to your codebase, it is run through automated test suites. If one of these tests fails, the test suite can quickly point out which change is responsible for the bug so that it can be fixed before it has a chance to impact your software, making your development process more efficient. We understand that generating an automated test suite can be a long process but it is also a time saver when regression testing is needed to demonstrate compliance to IEC 62304.


Our capabilities

We can help you set up and maintain automation servers and tools for requirements and test scripts. Our team ensures that your medical software is developed to the highest quality to guarantee verification and smooth transition to market.

  • Behaviour driven testing
  • Integration pipelines (such as Jenkins)
  • Continuous integration and continuous deployment
  • Validation of testing infrastructure
  • Embedded system testing

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