Medical device data analytics

The development of your medical device can be seen as the result of many decisions. The application of data analytics on your project enables us to extract meaning and enhance understanding. This allows us to make informed, data-driven decisions, resulting in better design solutions, more rapid development progress and a superior product.

For example, our applied scientists work closely with clients in the diagnostic sector to optimise the precision of their devices. This is done by analysing both data collected during production and data from devices that are being used. This not only results in performance improvements, but also creates a better understanding of the critical parameters governing the results.

Evaluating and predicting medical device performance

We use our medical device expertise to go beyond basic analyses. We focus attention on the critical areas that will obtain the most meaningful outputs by applying the appropriate mathematical algorithms or statistical analyses to your data. We gain a deeper insight into state-of-the-art and emerging technologies by evaluating and predicting device performance. We work with complex data sets to find out what is really happening, avoid human bias and uncover hidden trends.


Applying advanced data science principles

We select the best tools and methodologies to address your device’s needs, whether this is applying Bayesian inference to model and interrogate your data, or evaluation of verification data to meet regulatory requirements. Our application of advanced data science principles will help you make sense of your data, providing clear direction for development decisions.

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