We help our clients to make products which are easier to use, safer and more effective.

Human factors is about understanding:

Situation at hand

Whether you’re starting a new development, need an independent assessment or only have scope to change the instructions, we’ll work with you to deliver the most value.

Commercial constraints

We know that sometimes there are limits on time or core technology. We’ll bring all the creativity we can to optimising your device.

Regulatory processes

We help to provide regulators with the usability evidence they require to demonstrate that you have developed a safe and effective device.

Human factors team talking
Dedicated human factors experts

Our human factors team brings together experience in ergonomics, psychology, engineering, product design and communications. This varied expertise helps us to be pragmatic and adapt our thinking to a diverse range of client needs and project challenges.

Over the last 15 years we have developed reliable methodologies and analytical approaches to meet the demand for human factors engineering throughout development. We analyse the analysable and research the researchable and then we are honest about what is left.

User focused from start to finish:


We use design research techniques such as contextual enquiry and design ethnography to ensure we fully understand user needs, and make them a cornerstone of our work.


Usability specialists are embedded in every development team to continually guide the development process through iterative design, analysis, user research and risk assessment activities.


We conduct validation studies all around the world to help provide the usability evidence regulators require to demonstrate that intended users can use a device safely and effectively.

Our capabilities

Opportunity identification and user requirements research

Ethnographic research

Human factors consultancy and advice

Human factors engineering (HFE) plan development

Human factors analysis (e.g. task analysis)

Use-related risk assessment

Formative usability studies

Summative usability validation studies

User preference and acceptance research

Aesthetics/visual language/branding research

Instructions for use

Identification of known use issues