Digital UI/UX design

Patients and healthcare professionals have increasingly high expectations for digital experiences based on everyday consumer products and services. Our digital UX and digital UI design experts work with you to design safe and effective digital solutions, with the quality of user experience you’d find in the best consumer products and apps.

Digital UX design

Our UX design team use a range of design tools to support the full UX workflow through rapid iteration at different resolutions, prototyping for user testing and implementation. Whether you need a simple prototype for a product demonstration, or a fully documented and specified design system that meets regulatory requirements, we can design the right digital solution for your needs.

Mapping user needs

How should your product adapt to changing user needs? Our designers map out the relationship between multiple users and system components, taking into account how users will interact with your product and how this can change over time.

Understanding the problem space

To help you identify opportunities for digital UX/UI design innovation, we analyse your user journey while considering both user and business needs. Working with our front end innovation experts, we identify challenges such as patient adherence, or the need to prompt new behaviours, and give you the best recommendations for action.

Iterative testing

For complex digital systems, iteration occurs over several cycles to reach an optimum, tested solution to meet user and business needs. Our high-fidelity functional prototypes can help you facilitate accurate user feedback. Working in tandem with our human factors engineering team, our digital UX/UI design team provide you the feedback you need to progress your product.

Developing your product

Our designers work closely with your technical teams and our software engineers to provide a fully specified and reliable solution that can take you forward into your next phase of development. Through beta testing, our medical UX/UI design team and software engineers can build demonstrator systems to help you gain valuable stakeholder feedback and catch software bugs.

TympaHealth system in use

Standards-based UX/UI design

Our approach to design ensures that platform norms and best practice for UX/UI are met by following specific OS guidelines, accessibility standards and more general interaction design heuristics. Our processes also closely align with medical device standards for usability and interface design including IEC 62366, ANSI/AAMI HE75 and FDA Guidance.

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