Whether it is preparing drugs, monitoring the airflow of inhalers or ablating a tumour, acoustics are a powerful technology for a range of medical devices. Designing an acoustic system for a medical device requires strong theoretical and practical knowledge in challenging areas such as wave propagation, energy transfer and signal processing.

Our deep understanding of the physical principles underlying acoustics, combined with our broad engineering capability, allow us to integrate acoustic systems into a range of medical devices. This includes non-invasive device characterisation, drug preparation and liquid control in ‘lab-on-a-chip’ diagnostics.

Using acoustics for non-invasive medical device evaluation

Acoustics are a powerful, non-invasive method that we use to evaluate your medical device’s properties. It can be particularly useful and cost-effective when the act of opening a device for evaluation is likely to cause irreparable damage.

Acoustics for drug preparation

Ultrasound is often used as an effective tool to prepare drug formulations without compromising sterility. Our experts work closely with your team to develop a shared understanding of your product and, if appropriate, develop an ultrasonic system that meets your performance, costs and time constraints.

Blue soundwave on a dark background

Ultrasonics for drug delivery

Ultrasonics nebulizers are an effective method of delivering a drug to the lungs. Successful delivery is highly dependent on the droplet size, which can be controlled using ultrasonics while maintaining greater output compared to other technologies. We apply our extensive experience in the inhalation drug delivery space to develop the right device to deliver your drug.

Ultrasound imaging

Ultrasound imaging is a crucial diagnostic tool within hospitals, however the resolution, cost, size and depth of these imaging devices vary widely. Our applied scientists and engineers work with you to understand your ultrasound requirements and help you develop a commercially-viable product that best fits your needs.

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