Life sciences

With experience in immunoassays, cell culture, biochemistry, biophysics, electrochemistry, blood gas analysis, and microbiology, our life science consulting experts communicate effectively with your scientific team to understand the science behind your product and ensure robust design and development solutions.

Whether you are developing a device for accurate, targeted diagnostic testing, or one to keep human tissues viable prior to transplantation, we have the expertise to help you develop complex systems with life science components.

Life sciences

State-of-the-art labs and equipment

Our extensive on-site laboratories include a tissue handling facility, which enables us to conduct work involving the use of biological products.

This specialist capability is supported by our state-of-the-art equipment, supporting a diverse range of medical product testing including environmental conditioning and microscope imaging.

Through combining our diverse life-sciences expertise with our product testing and development capability, Team ensures your product undergoes the most effective design and development process to arrive at a well-understood device able to meet its functional requirements.

Life sciences

Our life sciences consultant team work across our project management, engineering, device testing, and human factors groups to ensure your project is backed by the best scientific methodologies.

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