Industrial design

Our industrial designers develop highly intuitive, commercially successful products which meet the practical, emotional and lifestyle needs of your end-users.

We follow a functionalist design approach: taking time up-front to identify and prioritise your key design challenges with design decisions based on evidence. Our industrial design consultant team are driven to make a difference in the lives of people who use your devices, helping you achieve the level of user experience expected of high-end consumer products, while working within the tight constraints of a highly regulated industry.

Our medical product design team can support you throughout the full development process. We work alongside our innovation specialists, human factors consultants and engineers to understand user behaviour, address unmet needs and optimise usability. Every touchpoint is considered, to finesse the look and feel of your product.

Setting a clear product vision

In the early stages of development, our industrial design consultants will support you by creating a clear product vision, confirming requirements and embodying the key attributes of an idea through exciting and credible product visuals.

We use a broad range of visualisation techniques from quick storyboarding to refined illustrations, photorealistic renders and animations to help you raise interest, investment and elicit initial market feedback from key stakeholders.


Solving device prototyping problems

Many of the design challenges medical products face are complex, multi-facetted, human-centred and need a hands-on, iterative approach to solve them. Our designers are experts in developing prototypes that can be used to gain valuable insights during user studies.

Prototypes can be block models to test ergonomics, through to fully functional interactive devices that integrate electronics, mechanical and digital functionality.


Visual brand language

The look and feel of your device play an important part in engaging your user, building trust and communicating key brand messages. Our medical product design team will work with you to define the aesthetic direction and select colours, materials and finishes for your device which meet both brand guidelines and regulatory requirements. We can support you whether your device is a first-in-class product that needs to make an impact in the market or whether it fits within a predefined product family.

Award-winning medical product design

We win awards for our clients. The devices we work on are recognised for the quality of design we achieve, and we are proud of that. But the best recognition is seeing our clients’ products on the market, improving the way healthcare is delivered.

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