From robot-assisted surgery to revolutionary surgical tools, our surgical device experts are working with clients to build the future of surgical technology. Our surgical technology and product development experts combine user-centred design and engineering excellence with our surgical experience to develop innovative devices for unmet market needs that provide better outcomes for patients.

We partner with you to understand the requirements of the surgeon, patient and your business to create intuitive and safe devices while adhering to our ISO 13485 accredited development process.

Usable and intuitive surgical devices

Our team of engineers, designers and human factors consultants work with you to create surgical devices that are functional, intuitive and comfortable for surgeons throughout a surgical procedure. Your devices are tested with real end-users to ensure optimal usability and reliability from concept through to validation in accordance with ISO 62366 (usability engineering).


Safe, reliable and compliant

We only work on medical devices, so we understand the technical and regulatory challenges in bringing new ones to market. We design reliable surgical medical devices that are robust enough to withstand the rigours of complicated surgeries and continue to be safe and reliable when manufactured in high volumes.


Connected, smart and advanced

With rapid advances in surgical procedures and training, surgical technologies are becoming more complex. Our software and hardware engineering teams can help you to make your surgical technology connected, introduce artificial intelligence to a regulated market, develop state-of-the art robotic surgical devices or use augmented reality to help train surgeons.


Innovative and award-winning devices

Our consultants have many years of experience successfully taking products through the regulatory process and onto the market. We will work with you to get your surgical device approved and give your end users a safe and usable product that they will love. That’s why our clients win awards. From the Medawar Medal to the MedTech Insight Award, our work has been recognised for great engineering and innovation.


Our surgical expertise

Whether you need help with your device from concept to market or are looking for support on a specific aspect of the development, we can put together a team of experts with extensive experience in surgical device development in areas including:

Minimally invasive 
Robotic surgical devices
Surgical imaging
Reusable surgical tools
Specialised interventions (e.g stem cells)
Procedures outside of the operating room
Emergency procedures
Haemostat delivery
Targeted therapies
Orthopaedic devices

Meet one of our surgical experts

Oliver Sowerby manages the development of surgical devices from concept through to manufacture for clients ranging from multi-national corporations to start-ups. Oliver bridges the gap between engineering and design to help clients develop cutting-edge surgical systems.

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Our aim is to develop intuitive and reliable devices which support the surgeon and remain comfortable throughout the procedure. This means they can focus on the patient and the difficult job they have to do.

Oliver Sowerby, Head of Surgical Technologies,
Team Consulting

An example of our surgical work

The metra® is a medical system that increases the availability of suitable livers for transplant. The device performs a thorough assessment of the donor organ, reducing the number of discarded livers.
To date, the metra® has supported more than 1,200 liver transplants worldwide, with several individual centres in Europe having transplanted more than 100 donor livers using our system.


For the product to arrive at market successfully with the correct technical specification, it was critical to select the right technical partner to work with. We are delighted to have chosen Team Consulting. Team’s empathy, expertise and insight have been invaluable to us throughout this journey.

Dr. Les Russell, CEO, OrganOx

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