Oliver joined Team in 2018 as part of the mechanical engineering group. He is a Chartered Engineer and has a broad experience in start-to-finish product development. He applies his engineering and design skills to a range of client projects.

“My main area of expertise lies at the design end of mechanical engineering. My favourite part of product development is creating and developing product concepts. There is nothing more exciting than receiving your first prototype and testing it.”

“I have always designed products for industry, so the great thing about working on medical devices is that you are creating something which will directly benefit someone’s day to day life. Team has a reputation for innovation and I’m delighted to be contributing to that.”

Since graduating from the University of Brighton with a degree in Product Design Technology, Oliver has designed a range of products including LED lights and fully automated labelling machines, as well as lab and pilot-scale chemical reactors. His previous role was leading a team of engineers, before joining Team to move back into full-on product development.