Customer insights research

Drawing on insights from the market, key opinion leaders and your target users, our consultants help inform your strategic direction. We ensure your product meets customer needs and offers an optimal user experience.

Insights into unmet customer needs

Our research specialists gather market insights to inform your pre-development activities. With our exploratory research techniques, we can support you in various ways: reviewing online user forums, speaking with key opinion leaders or helping you immerse yourself into the world of patients and healthcare professionals. Our team can help you understand key market trends, behavioural influences and the challenges of managing a condition or undertaking a procedure. We use these insights to help you identify opportunities for innovation, differentiation and ultimately to deliver competitive advantage.

As your ideas progress, our researchers gather feedback from end-users at multiple stages in the process. This ensures you have the evidence you need to take only the most promising ideas forward.

User-centred innovation

Using both in-person and remote research techniques, we engage with your target customers across the globe to draw out rich insights. These include:

In-depth interviews

Through one-to-one conversations, our innovation specialists explore user experiences, uncover market trends, and gather feedback on early ideas.

Customer insights research

Focus groups

Focus groups enable us to gain inputs from a greater number of your potential customers and benefit from group dynamics to explore key challenges and opportunities.

Contextual research

Observing users in their own environment is an effective way to understand behaviours and beliefs. We travel to your users’ homes and workplaces to conduct face to face research and explore the context in which your products will be used and judged.

Customer insights research

Online threaded communities

Using the latest remote techniques we gather rich contextual insights through tailored activities including individual and group chats, video diaries and photographs. This provides the added benefit of an extended time period – enabling participants to upload content daily at their convenience.

User journey mapping

We can help you with user journey mapping whether it’s from an initial diagnosis to ongoing disease management, or the journey your product takes from shipping through to use and disposal. We use exploratory research to identify your device’s pain points and opportunities where it could make the biggest impact.

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Product benchmarking

Our team explores your customers’ opinions of competitor products through a review of online content, interviews with existing users and physical product trials. This sets a benchmark for new product innovations.

Social listening

Social media can be a powerful tool for identifying opportunities for innovation. By analysing conversations related to your product on social media such as Facebook groups, we draw out key insights you can act upon.

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