Applied science

Understanding the first principles of your device gives you the foundation to create a successful product. This is what applied science can do for you. Our applied scientists work with you and our engineers to transform your complex challenges into novel and exciting products.

At Team Consulting, our specialist applied science group is available to support your project throughout its development. From electro-mechanical systems to drug delivery products and diagnostic platforms, our scientists are involved from the very start of a project to understand the complex technical challenges involved.

Our approach to science focuses on delivering realistic solutions that meet your requirements. Supported by targeted research, theoretical analysis and physical testing, we can guide design decisions by providing data-driven, logical analysis and recommendations.

We always take a practical and scaled approach in our activities. Medical device design and development is a balancing act in which the underlying science must deliver within constraints imposed by engineering, manufacturing, usability and cost. Our aim is to provide you with realistic, usable data and understanding, without compromising your budgets and timelines.

The output from our applied scientists enables intelligent decisions based on data, that de-risk your project throughout its development, providing confidence in the science underpinning your design solution.

With expertise and knowledge across the spectrum of scientific disciplines, our applied scientists can support your project by applying first principles to solve complex challenges and produce elegant and robust solutions. An example of our capabilities in applied science and medical technology includes:

Acoustics mixing of drug


Whether it is preparing drugs, monitoring the airflow of inhalers or ablating a tumour, we can integrate acoustic systems into your medical device.


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Data analytics

The development of your medical device can be seen as the result of many decisions. The application of data analytics on your project enables us to extract meaning and enhance understanding.


Applied science

Life sciences

Our applied scientists work across our project management, engineering, device testing, and human factors groups to ensure your project is backed by the best scientific methodologies.




Through an efficient combination of finite element modelling and testing, Team Consulting’s applied scientists can help you design the right magnetic system for your medical device. We help you navigate the technical trades-offs to find the right balance between cost and requirements.


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We help you develop low-cost multiplex medical devices founded on microfluidic principles suitable for your application.


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We can work to your requirements and constraints to develop optical solutions from concept through to production.


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