Team Consulting’s device testing group of expert technicians, scientists and consultants provides a complete package to see your product from an idea to a successful launch. We augment our project teams using Team’s state of the art labs, workshop facilities and equipment to find the right, bespoke testing solution for your product. No matter where you are in your product’s development, whether it is testing as part of proving concepts or defining requirements before embarking on the design verification journey, our team helps you find the right testing and data analysis solutions. We support you either as part of an ongoing product development or a stand-alone design verification testing project.

Our device testing group provides an objective and independent view while striking the right balance between flexibility, specialism, and compliance. We don’t believe in “one size fits all” solutions, we interpret the latest industry standards and guidance and add our own broad expertise as medical device developers to arrive at a solution that suits your needs. Using our understanding of regulatory expectations for medical product testing, our testing team generates a package of evidence suitable for your product submission.

Our testing offering is supported by Team’s comprehensive Quality Management System (QMS), operated by our team of experts who understand the regulatory expectations for medical products, and a network of trusted external suppliers.

Device testing

Our device testing team finds the right testing solutions no matter where you are on the product development journey.


Design verification testing

We plan and deliver comprehensive Design Verification Testing (DVT) programmes to support your submission.


Testing facilities

We have flexible, compliant, comprehensive product development and testing areas equipped with specialist equipment, operated by our team of test experts.


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