Rapid ideation

We work closely with your team to ideate, prototype and test your early ideas. With over 30 years of experience in medical device development, we inspire you to challenge your assumptions. Using an extensive innovation toolkit, we look at problems from different angles and explore the whole product opportunity space. Our team provides you with the evidence and confidence you need to raise interest, investment and prioritise your early development activities.

Design sprints

When it comes to early ideas, it is important to fail fast (if you’re going to fail). Design sprints let you do just that. Our team can take your guidelines and turn them to a functional prototype in as little as a week, providing you with early feedback on likely user acceptance and technical feasibility.

We work with you to plan the right sprint structure for rapid ideation, including the duration and number of cycles. This enables you to make quick decisions and encourages you to take only the best ideas forward.

Reasons to believe

We undertake initial testing with users and technical testing in our labs to give you enough evidence to move forward with confidence. This might involve exploring a tricky mechanism in CAD or doing some initial engineering calculations to uncover potential technical challenges.

In the rapid ideation process, early feedback from users is key so we create basic handling models, packaging and printed information samples and prototype apps. This allows us to communicate the concepts to users and get input on design direction and acceptability.

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