Electronics hardware design

Together with our mechanical software and applied science teams, we ensure seamless integration of your electronic systems with your overall medical device development.

Our electronic hardware design experts work with you to fully understand your device’s requirements and create a robust system that complies with medical regulations for both safety and performance (e.g. IEC60601).

Electronic hardware architecture

Generating a hardware architecture is key to identifying components and how they interact with one another. Hardware architecture helps us to provide you with initial estimates on physical size and power consumption, whilst identifying safety-critical areas and key aspects of performance that ultimately save costs.

Electronics hardware design

Circuit design and simulation

To implement your electronic hardware requirements, our engineers create schematics, detailing all the individual components and their connections. Selecting the right components at this stage can prevent design errors later in the project and save you time and investment. We use simulation tools such as LT Spice to analyse circuit behaviour before generating prototype hardware, streamlining your development programme. We cover the whole range of circuit technologies, including low power analogue electronics, battery systems, user interface, wireless, security and digital processing.

PCB layout

Good PCB layout is critical to circuit performance. When we lay out a PCB design for your device, we consider all factors: mechanical constraints, thermal management, high voltage isolation, and radio frequency aspects for patient safety. In addition, we ensure overall signal integrity to provide you with a robust and compliant PCB. We are fully equipped with industry-leading Altium schematic capture, library, and PCB layout tools.

Analysing hardware design

Hardware design longevity

Stringent regulations mean that the timelines involved in your medical device development can be greater than that of a consumer product due to the emphasis on verification and validation of designs. Managing component obsolescence can be a challenge when your product is manufactured and already on the market.

We can minimise the impact of your hardware design updates through the careful initial selection of parts in the Bill of Materials. If required, we can help you update your product with minimised hardware and software redesign.

Electronics hardware design

Whether designing your electronics from scratch or supporting an existing design, our engineers can help you solve your electronics challenges.

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