User studies

Formative human factors studies

We help you guide your design by performing formative studies throughout your device’s development – from the earliest, light-touch exploratory research to explore needs or concept ideas, through to late stage formative studies with representative prototypes and labelling. We talk to your users, watch their interaction with your product and gain insights into their understanding and expectations. There is no better way to learn about the strengths and weaknesses of your device, your instructions and your packaging, and how to optimise your user interface.

User studies

Summative human factors studies

We help you take your device through HF validation to ensure your design is safe and effective for your intended users and that the regulators will receive the evidence they need for approval.

Medical regulations are stringent, so we ensure that our experimental designs are as robust as possible. In addition, our study environments are controlled but not artificial, with moderators skilled at creating rapport so that people can explore your product calmly and realistically. Our human factors consultants have completed over 50 summative studies for our clients, whose products are now being used safely and effectively.

We’re skilled observers and we record everything. When we say your product is safe, we can back that up with clear evidence.

With a total of over 7,000 participants in Europe, Asia and the Americas, our human factors consultants have designed and delivered hundreds of human factors studies. As the world has learned to work remotely, we’ve been conducting studies safely and successfully via secure online platforms.

Our trusted recruitment partners and network of third party facilities in countries over the globe allow us to collect data about your device with the right regional and cultural nuance.

User studies

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