Packaging design

Whether you have a drug delivery device aimed at patients or a medical system for the operating room, we can help you develop smart packaging solutions which instruct correct use and optimise your users’ experience.

User-centred packaging

Product packaging is often the first physical touchpoint a user encounters when interacting with your medical device and can be an important part of the user journey. Our designers have extensive experience developing a broad range of packaging formats, from blister packs to interactive trainer packs.

We take a holistic ‘system design’ approach when developing your packaging solutions, working in parallel with the device’s industrial design, patient information literature and digital assets.

We can use packaging to:

  • Guide your users through first use
  • Aid in device handling and setup
  • Turn your users to a broader digital experience

Visual brand language

Working within your existing brand guidelines, our design team helps you define the look and feel of your packaging to communicate key brand values and achieve a coherent experience with other parts of your system.

Safe and effective design

Throughout your project, our human factors consultants ensure that your design is safe and effective in the hands of your users. Our designers ensure that any imagery, text and colours used on the packaging meet regulatory requirements.

Taking your design to manufacture

We have the skills in-house to take concepts through to full detailed design. We ensure your designs are ready for handover to manufacturing and testing, supplying print-ready artwork, carton nets and 3D data. We can work with your suppliers or use our extensive network of packaging manufacturing professionals.

We can support prototype, pilot or series manufacture across a broad range of rigid and flexible packaging solutions, from sterile foil pouches, thermoformed carry cases, to eco-friendly moulded pulp structural packaging to reduce the environmental impact of your product.

Packaging design

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