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Team news

Looking to the future and honouring our past

01 Feb 2023 4min read
image of phone screens with children medication monitor
Team news

Team leads expert panel on digital health in pharma

19 Jan 2023 4min read
illustration of woman conducting analyses with test tubes

How FemTech is tackling the Female Health Gap

20 Dec 2022 11min read
gif of gold spray exploding
Drug delivery

Respiratory trends and challenges for 2023

17 Jan 2023 4min read
image of various connected medical devices under a magnifying glass

Tackling the notified body shortfall

16 Jan 2023 3min read
photo of surgeons picking up tool from table of surgical tools

How to reuse medical products sustainably

13 Jan 2023 5min read
photo of ddl entrance with banners in illustrated style
Team news

Drug delivery trends – what everyone is talking about at DDL

08 Dec 2022 1min read
illustration of world map with transportation routes of plane, lorry and ship

Supply chain and sustainability

18 Nov 2022 1min read
woman looking at computer with ai data

How do you de-risk medical software development?

30 Nov 2022 6min read
photo of sensile medical injector on stomach

Drug delivery trends at PDA & PODD

08 Nov 2022 5min read
illustration of eye with orange contact lense

When does something become a medical device?

01 Nov 2022 6min read

Delivering solutions at DDL

26 Oct 2022 2min read
doctor performing eye surgery on patient

LASIK eye surgery – is that in the bread aisle?

20 Oct 2022 3min read
women walking in field
Team news

Embracing wellness
in the workplace

11 Oct 2022 2min read

Meet our Head of Diagnostics at DxPx

12 Oct 2022 1min read
medica event logo red cross with blue square

Find us at Medica

23 Sep 2022 2min read
recycle symbol with hands holding medical devices

How to build your medical device sustainably toolkit by using Life Cycle Assessment

14 Sep 2022 14min read

Team joining
leading Health Tech companies at ABHI

12 Oct 2022 1min read

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