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09 Apr 2024 2min read

Team Consulting

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leon-nanodrugs GmbH (LEON) is proud to announce that its revolutionising nanoencapsulation equipment, the NANOme®, just received an iF Design Award. The NANOme® is set to transform the manufacture of personalised medicines and improve patient access to these treatments.

NANOme® was developed by German pharmatech company LEON with support from medical technology consultants Team Consulting.

Personalised medicine is a relatively new treatment modality with great potential for combatting life-threatening cancers, cardiovascular diseases, and genetic disorders. For example, when treating conditions such as cancer, personalised treatments can be more effective compared to generalised treatments like chemotherapy, as they are manufactured specific to a patient’s tumour. Despite their potential, access to these life-saving treatments is currently limited due to complex and expensive manufacturing processes.

Traditional biopharma facilities use process technologies and setups designed to manufacture high-volume batches of identical products. In personalised medicine, however, the target patient populations are very small—sometimes as small as one. Until now, the ability to process a high volume of small batches has been missing.

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The NANOme® was developed to address exactly this challenge. It is an aseptic processing system for back-to-back personalised medicine with reliable quality batches. The innovative system transforms what is currently a lengthy process into a procedure that takes just minutes. “Recognising that the current reliance on open and operator-driven processes for advanced therapies manufacturing needs an overhaul, we have spearheaded the NANOme® system, which takes us one step closer to taking personalised medicine into the mainstream,” said Dr. Setu Kasera, Chief Scientific Officer at LEON.

The NANOme® has already been internationally recognised with an iF Design Award for its novel design and potential to impact patient lives. It is now set to transform the production of personalised medicine, enabling wider access to the patients that need it.


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