UX review and optimisation

Whether you have a product in development or already on the market, our UX optimisation team provide an independent review to challenge and optimise your digital health solution. Using a range of tools, our UX/UI team explore opportunities to enhance user experience, accessibility, performance and behaviour.

Usability assessment

When designing digital experiences, it’s important to consider the needs and capabilities of your users. Our user experience review team will work with you to agree on an assessment framework drawing on UX/UI design principles and accessibility standards.


Your product is reviewed by usability experts to make sure it adheres to the highest standards and offers the best user experience. Using rigorous assessment criteria and the latest guidelines, our UX review team provide you with detailed and accurate recommendations for usability improvements.

Exploring user journeys and workflow analysis

Alongside risk management and regulatory-focused human factors engineering activities, we take a broad perspective on user behaviour and system interaction to fully explore journeys and interfaces.

Does your system produce bottlenecks for users? Do you have any redundant features or functionality? Using techniques such as service blueprinting and other workflow mapping methods, our UX review experts help you identify opportunities for a better user experience.

We model flows to assess user interface structures and navigation patterns, in addition to specific screen elements and copy. Our team categorise and report actionable findings and design recommendations for your review.

Competitor reviews

What makes your product stand out from your competitors? Our user experience optimisation team advises you on how to double down on the strongest features in your product, and how to address problematic features.

Usability research

Usability research is an important way to determine if your design is accessible and user friendly. When assessing your product, our team combines heuristic evaluations with task-based user testing, which can be performed either remotely or in-person by our human factors team.

UX review and optimisation

Perfecting your product

We build demonstrator systems and support beta testing to gain valuable user feedback and catch software bugs. When releasing updates to your app, or when performing ongoing improvements to a website or web access portal, our UX review and optimisation experts offer recommendations on a host of testing strategies, such as A/B testing, and advise on the best systems to use.

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