Medical device prototyping

Prototypes are indispensable tools when designing, developing, and proving your medical devices. They allow exploration and testing of multiple concepts to inform development decisions and demonstrate feasibility.

Why do you need prototypes?

‘Prototype’ can mean a lot of different things, depending on the development stage and the corresponding level of fidelity. These physical models can represent part of a device, or a whole device or system with functionality and form, in line with design maturity and evaluation requirements.

Our engineers and designers produce prototypes throughout your device’s development process. Prototypes help support design sprints, user studies, concept development, proof of principle, engineering analysis and pre-verification testing.

Our in-house facilities, together with a trusted, global network of approved suppliers, make use of the latest rapid prototyping (RP) technologies and materials. We can help you choose the most appropriate method of manufacture for parts and assemblies to deliver fit-for-purpose prototypes of your device or concepts.

Rapid iteration and testing of your prototypes

You learn a huge amount from the rapid iteration and testing of prototypes, in the lab or in the hands of a user. Early models enable the team to examine your device’s form and human interaction. Prototypes and demonstrators can then become the proving ground for innovative mechanisms, whether purely mechanical, or fully functional, incorporating sensors, electronics and software.


Rapid tooling to predict your device’s performance

Functional features cannot always be made with sufficient accuracy or representative characteristics using rapid prototyping methods. As soon as the development requires it, we can commission rapid tooling. This allows devices to be manufactured in design-intent materials for more meaningful assessment and prediction of your final device’s performance.


You can test and prove your concepts quickly with prototypes. They help to reduce development time, risk and optimise your device’s performance.

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