Magnetic systems play a critical role in many medical devices, whether it’s an actuation sensor, part of an assay separation process or a complex imaging device. Through an efficient combination of finite element modelling and testing, Team Consulting’s applied scientists can help you design the right magnetic system for your medical device. We help you navigate the technical trades-offs to find the right balance between cost and requirements.

Design support using mathematical modelling

The right magnet system for your device will involve a balance between physical space, cost and energy requirements while still maintaining safety and performance. When developing your medical device, our applied scientists and engineers use mathematical modelling to increase design efficiency.  We can evaluate how to generate sufficient magnetic force, assess how to design shunting or advise on material selection. These techniques are useful to reduce cost, save time-consuming magnet prototyping and reduce design iterations.

Magnetic shielding

The use of magnetism can result in innovative medical device design solutions and novel concepts, however unwanted magnetic fields can also cause issues, for example interfering with sensor responses. Our applied scientists are experienced at incorporating magnetic systems into medical devices and appreciate the consequences that magnetic fields have on other components. For example, we can successfully design electro-mechanical magnetic shield systems to control magnetic fields in a multiplex point-of-care devices. Magnetic shielding in diagnostic devices allows you to optimise your medical system for high sensitivity assays while protecting delicate components within the device. We can support your development by advising on shield requirements and design to match your device’s purpose and user safety requirements.

Magnetics Field Coil

Evaluation of magnetic systems

There are situations where the complexity involved in a medical device design can limit the outcomes of mathematical models and where an empirical testing approach may be necessary. We design high quality test rigs for the evaluation and characterisation of magnetic systems. Our applied scientists select the right hardware to provide you with the accuracy, resolution and repeatability needed while verifying performance of magnet systems against your requirements.

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