Market analysis

Differentiating your product from your competitors may be critical for success. This could be achieved by various factors including differentiating by novelty, device features, clinical efficacy, services or price alone. Our analysts can help you understand the current and future market landscape to help you define an optimal market position for your offering.

Insights from key opinion leaders and the market

We identify and engage key opinion leaders in your field to explore current and future trends, define opportunities, refine strategy and uncover attitudes towards competitor offerings. These insights help us guide the development of your product.

Medical device competitor landscaping

Through primary research with customers and secondary desk-based research, our analysts help you build a landscape of your competition – detailing their current market status, unique selling points and technical parameters to provide a benchmark for your offering.

Market positioning

With 35 years of experience developing medical devices, Team has deep knowledge of the latest developments and future trends in the medical industry. From identifying technologies for expanding your portfolio, defining roadmaps for next generation products or discovering unmet needs, our experts can help you develop a strategic market position for your medical technology.

Market research

Using a range of customer insight research techniques such as contextual research, online communities or product/user journey mapping, we help you gain an understanding of user experiences with your competitors’ products. We identify opportunities for improvement, innovation and differentiation.

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