health care professional examining an american football player

What links rugby and American football? (Part 2 of 2)

11 Oct 2018 4min read

Changing to adapt or adapting to change?

09 Oct 2018 5min read
pop up book on medical technology

Engineering isn’t all about engines

05 Oct 2018 3min read

Connected medical devices: should I plug in?

04 Oct 2018 3min read
North Star, also known as Polaris

What is your ‘North Star’? Finding our direction in a medical consultancy

01 Oct 2018 3min read
merican football player sitting on ground with helmet off

What links rugby and American football? (Part 1 of 2)

24 Sep 2018 4min read

Branching out: the evolution of inspiration

14 Sep 2018 3min read
Team news

Dr Ben Wicks writes about haemostats in IPT Online

06 Sep 2018 2min read
Team news

Team longlisted for Dezeen Awards

31 Jul 2018 3min read

Repaying a debt

19 Jul 2018 3min read

Inspiring the next generation of engineers: ready, set, go!

25 Jul 2018 4min read

Engineering: from roller coasters to medical devices

13 Jul 2018 3min read

Team further develops surgical capabilities

12 Jul 2018 3min read

There is so much more to be done

03 Jul 2018 3min read

Our ISO certificate

28 May 2018 1min read

Nurturing the next generation of MedTech entreprenuers

21 May 2018 2min read

It’s easy to turn money into technology; it’s not so easy to turn technology into money

25 Apr 2018 10min read
health hack logo

Imperial HealthHack 2018: What can you achieve in 48 hours?

19 Apr 2018 4min read

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