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06 Jan 2021 3min read

Team Consulting

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The world’s first all-in-one hearing health assessment device, developed in collaboration by TympaHealth and Team Consulting, has been awarded a 2020 GOOD DESIGN® award by The Chicago Athenaeum. Founded over 70 years ago, the award recognizes the most innovative and cutting-edge designs around the world.

This marks the third award won by the Tympa System since its launch in 2020, having already won the 2020 Gold UX Design Award and the RSM Innovation in Otology Award. It is also the fourth GOOD DESIGN® award that Team Consulting has won to date.

The Tympa System is a portable smartphone-enabled otoscope used in conjunction with an app, designed to make successful hearing healthcare more accessible. Half a billion people currently suffer from hearing loss worldwide, however access to care is often disjointed. The device allows both specialist and non-specialist professionals alike to offer the full ear-clinic in one place, including ear examinations, hearing tests and wax removal, the first device of its kind to do so.

Since its launch, the Tympa System has been used for effective diagnosis and management in Cambodia. In the UK, it is being used in the high street pharmacy Boots, while UCLH is using the device as part of the first ‘tele-otology’ service in the UK to assess patients’ hearing and ear problems remotely.

“We are delighted that TympaHealth has won a Good Design Award alongside some other well-known companies. It is encouraging to receive this recognition and we hope it will help raise awareness of the importance of regular ear and hearing health check ups on a global scale.” Dr. Krishan Ramdoo, Founder and CEO, TympaHealth.

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