How to fight cyber threats in your medical device

21 Apr 2021 2min read

Team Consulting

Company update

Manipulation of data, loss of intellectual property, direct patient harm…Tom Watts, Engineering Consultant at Team Consulting, talks cybersecurity challenges and connected medical devices in a new article for International Pharmaceutical Industry (IPI).


Medical device developers are increasingly taking inspiration from how consumer products use connected technology, realising the benefits of smarter devices for patients, POC workers, and manufacturers. While these technologies can help to increase the functionality of devices, they can also open them up to cyber-threats. In his article, Tom looks at ways to identify common risks and vulnerabilities in medical devices and how to defend against them, to help put you on the right development path.

IPI is an industry publication that shares the latest in research and technology innovations, regulatory guidelines, as well as marketing and communication strategies. Its readership spans the pharmaceutical, bio pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and medical devices industry.

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