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19 Jan 2021 3min read

Team Consulting

Company update

Our clients’ products win awards and we’re proud of that fact. We combine design, engineering and human factors to create medical devices users love.

Below are some of the latest award-winning projects we’ve worked on. Could the next one be yours?


Tympa System – world-first hearing health assessment device

The multi-award winning Tympa System, developed in collaboration by TympaHealth and Team Consulting, recently won Gold in the UX Design Awards 2020, as well as a 2020 GOOD DESIGN award. The device, a portable smartphone-enabled otoscope used in conjunction with an app, was designed to support the democratisation of healthcare and improve hearing health worldwide.

Sensile – creating an iconic design language for a medical injector range

In 2018, Team won a GOOD DESIGN award for creating an iconic design language for Sensile Medical’s injector range. Sensile Medical came to Team Consulting with a range of injectors all based on the same core technology, but with differing aesthetics, form factor and construction. Team was asked to provide a unified look and feel across the whole injector range, creating a brand language which clearly identifies the product range as a single family with key attributes of Sensile’s technology.

OrganOx – World-first system that keeps transplant livers alive

We worked with OrganOx to create a multi-award winning, world-first system that keeps liver transplants alive outside of the body while in transit. The automated, transportable liver perfusion device increases the availability of suitable livers, enabling successful transplantation of organs from non-heart-beating donors and reducing the number of discarded livers. OrganOx won a Medawar Medal in 2020, a Medtech Insight award in 2019, and was shortlisted for the 2019 MacRobert Award.

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