Cycle of images

IVDR and MDR – finding a way through

26 May 2022 6min read
The future of LFTs

Testing times: can children taking lateral flow tests inform upcoming home diagnostics?

05 Apr 2022 9min read
LumiraDx Poc device

An applause from Bill Gates:
how LumiraDx changed the world of PoC testing

01 Mar 2022 2min read
Which in vitro diagnostics method is the best
Team news

Which in vitro diagnostics method is the best?

09 May 2021 1min read
antibody antigen binding

Diagnostic assay development: why does bias occur?

04 Dec 2020 6min read
6 steps to developing a successful diagnostic device

Six steps to successful diagnostic device development

14 Sep 2020 9min read
blue gloved hand with sample vials

In vitro diagnostics during COVID-19

07 Jul 2020 6min read
eu flag flying with blue sky background

Major milestone for the IVDR implementation in Europe

18 Oct 2019 4min read

Quantum dots: a diagnostic tool

24 Jan 2019 17min read

Probably the best in vitro diagnostic in the world

08 Aug 2017 3min read

All change please, all change

18 Jul 2017 8min read

Point-of-care diagnostics – what would Elon Musk do?

28 Sep 2016 9min read

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