An applause from Bill Gates:
how LumiraDx changed the world of PoC testing

01 Mar 2022 2min read

Team Consulting

Company update

Bill Gates has recently applauded a point of care device developed by LumiraDx. In his video for the GatesFoundation, he discusses numerous solutions that have helped to tackle COVID-19 and highlights the LumiraDx device for its potential to reach remote areas and offer diagnostic results in just 12 minutes.

This diagnostic, the LumiraDX, is amazing! It’s an innovation, cheaper and smaller than the diagnostic devices that came before.

Bill Gates

LumiraDx is a point of care (PoC) diagnostics company that aims to transform community-based healthcare. Founded in 2014, the company manufactures an innovative diagnostic Platform to create diagnostic testing solutions.

Team Consulting has proudly supported LumiraDx with the development of their PoC Platform.  In his video, Bill Gates labels the product as “amazing”, describing how “countries can take it out to remote areas and get the results in just 12 minutes.”

Watch the video to get Bill Gates’ full endorsement on this next-generation diagnostic device that’s changing the world.

Find out more about the LumiraDx device here.

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