User study with family and medical device companion app
Team news

Why we need user insights in digital product design

18 Jul 2022 1min read
Human Factors at Team Consulting

Diversity – the human factor

14 Jul 2022 3min read
PCB Boards

5 things every electrical medical device start-up should know

07 Jul 2022 8min read
photo of pupil and iris feature
Drug delivery

6 methods for delivering
drugs to the eye

22 Jun 2022 6min read
Drug delivery

Four steps to selecting the right device to deliver therapies

16 Jun 2022 19min read
Eye illustration

Retinal devices: how improved technical capability saved my sight

23 Jun 2022 3min read
Addressing challenges

The elephant in the room: addressing device development challenges early on

16 Jun 2022 4min read
Cycle of images

IVDR and MDR – finding a way through

26 May 2022 6min read
Digital UX
Team news

How digital UX in clinical trials can improve measures

13 Jun 2022 3min read
surgery in space

Would you get surgery in space?

16 May 2022 6min read
Medical device testing

Why medical device development takes time

03 May 2022 3min read
medical device electronics

Designing medical devices –
“a reason for being”

24 May 2022 3min read
The future of LFTs

Testing times: can children taking lateral flow tests inform upcoming home diagnostics?

05 Apr 2022 9min read
Employee Ownership Trust

What it means to be part of an employee ownership trust

12 May 2022 3min read
Alastair Willoughby Sustainable Medical Devices

Planning for the future: sustainable medical devices

06 Apr 2022 1min read
Medical software development

Medical software development 101

23 Mar 2022 9min read
CPhI Podcast Logo

Connecting the user to your product – CPhI podcast

29 Mar 2022 1min read
Device testing rig

Why I love working in device testing at Team Consulting

15 Mar 2022 2min read

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