Another EcoVadis medal: Team in top 15% of sustainable companies

22 Apr 2024 1min read

Team Consulting

Company update

Team Consulting has received a silver EcoVadis medal for the second year running, placing it in the top 15% of assessed companies in the last year. The international award evaluates companies based on their environmental and social impact, providing an external assessment of business sustainability.

Taking steps to reduce our environmental impact is one of our top priorities as a business. Winning the silver EcoVadis medal is a great reflection of our continued commitment to improving our business practices and making Team more sustainable.

Cara Thorpe, Business Change Project Manager,
Team Consulting

How Team is reducing its carbon emissions

As a company, we have made a number of positive changes to make our business more sustainable. This includes purchasing 100% of our energy from renewable sources, installing solar panels, off-setting all business travel and reducing energy consumption in our offices.

As part of our SBTi-validated commitment to reduce carbon emissions, we have already decreased our scope 1 and 2 emissions by 63% and off-set 292 tonnes of carbon since 2021. We will continue to prioritise sustainability in our operations and work towards achieving even higher standards of practice.

Supporting our clients' sustainability goals

In addition to improving our own business practices, we have been supporting our clients in meeting their own sustainability goals. From carbon footprint analysis to help make informed design decisions, to innovative packaging and engineering solutions, find out how we are helping our clients make their medical technology more sustainable.

Team Consulting barn with Silver EcoVadis medal

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