Millie is a Consultant Mechanical Engineer at Team Consulting where she works on medical device development from concept design to more mature stages of design development.

“I realised I had a particular interest in the design of medical devices after I started volunteering for a charity who make bespoke devices to help people lead more independent lives. I find working on the design of devices and systems which will ultimately improve the lives of others very inspiring.”

“One of the things I love most about working at Team is that every day is a school day; I’m constantly learning about new medical technologies and ways to test, analyse and design the best solutions for our clients.”

Millie graduated in 2018 from The University of Edinburgh with a first-class Meng degree in Mechanical Engineering with Management. Her final year Master’s thesis was a life cycle assessment (LCA) of various biomass fuels in combined heat and power (CHP) plants. At Team, she strives to analyse and reduce the carbon footprint of products where possible.
Prior to joining Team, Millie worked in a building services consultancy as a Fire Engineer where she used first principles and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to model fire and smoke movement within buildings to ensure the safest possible design for occupants.

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