Grant is an industrial designer with a background in medical, consumer and industrial products. With over 30 years’ experience in design – 17 of them with Team – he brings a wealth of experience to projects from initial brief through to production and post-production. He enjoys working closely with colleagues in multidisciplinary teams as well as toolmakers, moulders and various suppliers from all over the world.

“The reason I like working at Team is the collaborative culture, working with world-class talent and continually being stretched and challenged. Our interdependence on one another is also one of our strengths, as we strive to ask and answer the right questions together to deliver the ‘best’ product. That product may be commercially, functionally or user driven – the joy of the challenge is finding the right path to a viable product that enhances and enriches lives. A product that is not only effective but a pleasure to use.”

Grant’s experience ranges from inhalers, injectors, ventilators and surgical and diagnostic equipment, to toothbrushes, heat exchangers, lasers… and even parrot toys. His work has resulted in several patented designs and design awards with more than 30 products successfully reaching the market. Grant has a BA (Hons) degree in Industrial Design from the University of Leeds.