Grant is one of Team Consulting’s industrial designers. His role within Team is to utilise his broad experience of industrial design, to work within our multi-discipline teams to help achieve a holistic approach to the development process. This considers all aspects of a project, including client needs; user requirements; compliant use; technology potential; regulatory compliance; manufacture and assembly; costs; timescales; market trends; and branding objectives. As an industrial designer he uses his skills to link, streamline and translate all the various inputs for a project into tangible device solutions. These, when taken through Team’s development processes, result in delivering ‘the right devices’.

“What motivates me is using my skills as part of a wider team to help generate excellent design solutions resulting in world-beating products that get to market. These products are commercially viable and really do impact and enhance people’s lives.”

“What I particularly enjoy about working at Team is the opportunity to work with world-class talent, across a number of disciplines, which challenge and stretch one’s own thinking and perspective. What sets Team apart is that over the years it has managed to accumulate a group of highly skilled and experienced individuals, which can and regularly do work closely together to produce some very exciting work. It really is a case of ‘the whole being greater than the sum of parts’.”

“The long-term and open relationships we enjoy with our valued clients is a testimony to this and as a consequence makes Team a very rewarding company to work with, and for.”

Grant has over 20 years’ experience in design, working on medical, consumer and industrial projects ranging from inhalers, injectors, surgical and diagnostic equipment, to toothbrushes, heat exchangers and parrot toys. During that time he has been responsible for managing all aspects of projects, from initial brief formulation right through to final production. Grant has first-hand experience of working directly with clients, toolmakers and moulders from all over the world. His work has resulted in several patented designs, design awards and over 25 products successfully on the market.

Grant joined Team in 2002 as a senior industrial designer. He has developed some strong client relationships and continues to lead and play a key role in projects. Grant has a BA (Hons) degree in Industrial Design from the University of Leeds.

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