Jon joined Team after having been an associate mechanical designer for 20 years. He is a senior member of the mechanical engineering team.

“Of all the clients I have worked with over 30 years as a design consultant, Team always appealed to me as a place that has a great working environment. The atmosphere is always calm regardless of workload and the work has always been varied and interesting. You’re surrounded by colleagues in many different disciplines, many being leaders in their field, yet everyone appears to be equal, each fulfilling their vital role.”

“Working in manufacturing at the start of my engineering career made it clear to me that designing simple, innovative mechanisms and engineering unnecessary complexity out of a system creates the most reliable products that stand the test of time. At Team, having the opportunity to design products to improve people’s lives excites me. Having worked with Team and other pharma/biotech companies, this is an area of engineering that I am driven by.”

Jon was a qualified toolmaker before studying mechanical engineering at the University of Cambridge. Since then he has worked exclusively in mechanical design & prototyping for many companies, being responsible for the design of a wide variety of equipment and devices. Jon also has experience in manufacturing, such as 10 years with Bio-Rad as a designer and supplier and time working with GE Healthcare.

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