Gabrielle is a senior consultant in the Front End Innovation team. In her role, Gabrielle applies her background in biomedical engineering to a wide variety of ongoing and potential projects.

“As part of the innovation team I work on a diverse range of projects, each with their own requirements and challenges. My role involves developing innovative technologies to solve client challenges for use in the medical device industry. Working on a variety of projects can be demanding but the knowledge you gain along the way and the final outcomes are always highly rewarding.”

“I am also involved in writing proposals for new and current clients, interviewing new joiners and have recently attended a local primary school to help encourage young children into engineering. Having the opportunity to participate in all these other areas of the business is another reason I love my job.”

Gabrielle has a first-class MEng Honours degree in Biomedical/Medical Engineering from Imperial College London. At Imperial, Gabrielle worked on a wide range of projects including investigating a novel cancer detection technique which used a combination of injected microbubbles and ultrasound to palpate deep tissues. Her final year Master’s project involved using MATLAB to analyse patient data to optimise the patient specific setting of a heart assist device.

During a summer internship, Gabrielle worked on developing a device to enable above elbow amputees to transition from a standing to a more aerodynamic position on a bike, with the aim of improving performance ahead of the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio.

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