As a graduate mechanical engineer, Teiba works on a variety of engineering projects throughout the medical device development cycle. Equipped with an ISO 13485 certification in medical device quality management systems, Teiba seamlessly integrates her knowledge of medical device regulations into every aspect of the design process.

“My passion for medical devices ignited well before university, where I gained experience through a range of observerships in infection disease wards, intensive care units and HIV clinics. I discovered my passion to design products that could make a difference in people’s lives.”

I started my journey at Team Consulting as an intern, where I witnessed firsthand the substantial impact the company has on the MedTech sector. Team’s excellence extends beyond functional design to crafting beautiful products. I knew I had to be a part of this remarkable journey.”

Teiba holds a first-class master’s degree in product design engineering from Loughborough University. In a sponsored dissertation with The SpineCorportation Ltd, she pioneered innovative filament pathways in 3D printing of orthotics, publishing and presenting at the ICMD3M 2023 conference. During her year in industry at Mediplus Ltd, she made significant contributions to the maintenance and improvement of the entire product range, including various IV lines and catheters. Teiba was also honoured as the UK national winner of the 2021 Red Bull Basement Design Competition for her innovative design of energy-harvesting streetlights.

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