As a member of Team Consulting’s board of directors, Ian brings extensive expertise from his career in medical device development. He has worked in global consulting firms, device manufacturing companies and medical start ups, with a proven track record of leading device innovation and product development across a variety of medical technologies.

“What has always appealed to me about the world of medical devices is the opportunity to make a difference by helping people who are facing challenges. Creating devices that cater to the needs of individuals who are managing their conditions and offering products that align with their lifestyles is incredibly rewarding.”

“I’ve always admired Team because they were the first medical device consultants in the Cambridge area who took consumer principles and applied them to medical devices, particularly through the use of usability studies and human factors. Coming from a background in aeronautical engineering, what really clicked with me about the medical device world was how important it is to consider how people feel about your product, in addition to it simply functioning – a principle that Team really gets.”

During his career, Ian has spent over 26 years in medical device design and development, including as Innovation Director at Bespak. Following this he worked on product development at Eakin Healthcare, where he was responsible for growing and leading an innovation team of over 40 people. His current role is Vice President of Medical Devices for the medical start-up Oxular, developing a novel technology for ocular drug delivery.

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