Martin is a senior engineering consultant at Team Consulting, where he draws on his experience as a designer and project manager to develop devices for our clients.

“For any stage in device development in a quality environment, I have been through it and out the other side. I have a breadth of hands-on experience in small and large pharma companies where I have carried out development activities from design on a clean sheet of paper, through user trials, to final V&V test completion and transfer to production, both against in-place quality systems and setting up all necessary processes as required. I’ll also sweep the floor and drive the van.”

“I am passionate to continue work in the medical device sector here at Team and pass on my experience to anyone who may benefit.”

Martin’s career includes work in the design field for leak detection equipment, electron beam microscopes, robot cells and mechanical design for an optics consultancy. He was also the Principal Design Engineer at another medical device consultancy. As one of the original designers of a dry powder inhaler recently released to market, Martin has a wealth of experience in the drug delivery sector. He was Senior Project Manager at Pfizer, working on the development of inhalers and injector pens. Additionally, Martin has worked in the surgical field as Programme Manager for POC blood gas analysis for heart/lung bypass procedures.

His background in engineering continued as Head of Engineering for sample preparation laboratory equipment as well as management of biomarker-based strategies to transform the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of coronary artery disease. Prior to joining Team, Martin was Head of Engineering for microfluidic diffusional sizing laboratory equipment.

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