Andrea is responsible for the effective integration of Human Factors within end-to-end product development, working directly with clients and in close collaboration with Team Consulting’s multidisciplinary functions. With a background in design engineering and experience in both in-house and consultancy roles, she specialises in the intersection of technological innovation and user-centric design to ensure usability is seamlessly integrated into the process.

“My journey in this dynamic field has been shaped by a deep-rooted fascination in the interplay between technology, psychology and human behaviour. Through this experience, I have developed an appreciation for the need to identify and activate tangible usability insights that are viable from a technical and commercial aspect. With close collaboration and understanding across all disciplines, we can ensure solutions are brought to market that improve quality of life for patients.”

“Our goal within medical product development extends beyond regulatory requirements, looking at how solutions are not only safe and effective in use but also provide an engaging and dignified user experience.”

Andrea has over 10 years’ experience in the development of medical devices, including drug delivery and digital health solutions. Having led research across five continents and with an academic background in global innovation design, Andrea is passionate about developing solutions that are truly suitable for a global market. During her career she has focused on taking into account the varying anthropometric, cultural and systemic factors that exist amongst people, to ensure that products meet users’ needs no matter where they seek healthcare in the world. Andrea has a BSc in product design from Brunel University and double Masters (MA & MSc) in global innovation design from Imperial College London and Royal College of Art.

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