Jonathan is a senior member of the electronics and software team. His principal role is developing embedded software, but he also undertakes electronic design, math modelling and mechanical design reviews.

“The joy of working for Team Consulting is the huge variety of challenges and clients. Whilst I can, and do, work on one large project for months or even years, there is always something new on the horizon or in the building that I can contribute to in some way. Helping clients big and small to clarify and then fulfil their aspirations is immensely satisfying. Working with so many talented individuals across a wide range of engineering disciplines is also very stimulating, constantly reminding me that there are other perspectives than my own.”

Jonathan is a graduate of the University of Cambridge, having read Natural Science for two years followed by one year’s Computer Science. He subsequently worked for Sinclair Research, followed by a couple of spin-off companies prior to joining Team in 1988.

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