Stuart is a senior mechanical engineering consultant specialising in mathematical modelling of physical systems to inform and optimise design. He has particular expertise in the field of CFD (computational fluid dynamics) for the simulation of aerosol transport, multiphase flows and heat transfer within medical devices.

“I’m a strong believer in the value that validated mathematical models can bring to device development by enhancing our understanding of device physics, quantifying key performance metrics and boosting the overall efficiency of the development process. I thrive on the challenges of applying simulation driven design to complex medical devices in the knowledge that the final products can have such a positive impact on patients’ lives.”

“Working at Team I am continuously collaborating with passionate engineers and designers who are experts in their respective disciplines. This provides a real step-up in creativity and ensures that solutions have utmost robustness to all of the demanding requirements of a medical device.”

Stuart has taken lead technical roles and provided key analytical insight for a wide range of medical device development projects including respiratory devices, autoinjectors and diagnostic instruments. Stuart graduated from the University of Oxford with a first-class MEng degree in Engineering Science. Prior to joining Team Consulting, Stuart was a principal engineer in the medical technology division of Cambridge Consultants, UK.

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