As Head of Industrial Design, Alex takes a lead role in projects from immersion and concept generation through to detailed design and development. Alex’s background in mechanical engineering enables him to balance user requirements with technical considerations whilst developing commercially viable products. Alex works closely with his colleagues in the human factors and engineering teams to quickly translate research insights into tangible designs which improve the experience of the end user.

“I see it as my responsibility to create products which do more than just work well; in many cases users have to carry medical devices around with them at all times, so it’s vital that they fit seamlessly into people’s lives and are perceived as objects of empowerment rather than burden. Something as simple as the beautifully designed experience of removing a cap can be a daily reminder to a user that someone cared enough about them to pour effort into a tiny detail.”

“For me, working at Team Consulting is about collaborating with a group of highly talented individuals who share a passion for these details which add up to create life-changing experiences, and who care enough about medical devices to have chosen to specialise.”

Alex has over 10 years’ experience in consultancy and design research in London and Cambridge. His consultancy work has seen him tackle a range of consumer products and medical devices, whilst his spell as a researcher involved collaboration with scientists at the University of Cambridge on the development of early-stage science and technology. He has also been involved in several innovation projects aimed at defining new product and service offerings for major clients.

Alex has an MA in Industrial Design Engineering from the Royal College of Art and an MEng in Mechanical Engineering from Imperial College London. Prior to joining Team, Alex was a senior industrial designer at Native Design in London.

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