Peter utilises his experience and attention to detail from the production of precision equipment, to work with our multi-disciplined teams to help maintain and develop robust mechanical design throughout all stages of product development.

“Having worked with medical units in the army it seemed a logical step to put my skills as an engineer to good use in medical device development.  The unique thing about working at Team Consulting is being multi-disciplinary within engineering as well as being a multi-disciplinary company. I can get involved with the science and underlying principles behind concepts with proof-of-principle work and follow this through all the way to production. As one of my colleagues has already put it, the joy of working for Team is the huge variety of challenges and working with so many talented individuals, I literally learn something new every day.”

Peter joined Team in mid-2004 as the lab technician with day release to Anglia Ruskin University, graduating in 2007 with a BEng in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering. Following his graduation he became the test and development engineer at Team as well as the lab manager.

In his earlier career, Peter was in the army for 11 years, attached to various medical units around the world. Peter followed this by going to art college in St. Albans before embarking on another career change via the food industry, to engineering. This lead to gaining experience in all production processes and as a machinist and production engineer with various companies making precision equipment.


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