John specialises in the design and project management of medical devices with a particular focus on the development of parenteral drug delivery devices. A designer by training with a strong grounding in medical design and regulatory focused human factors, he regularly attends user studies in both Europe and the US.

On projects he seeks to balance technical, user and commercial requirements to produce simple elegant solutions. Over the years, John has worked on a range of parenteral device developments with leading pharma companies in both Europe and the US and has a good knowledge and understanding of the market, current devices and trends.

“My job is to create the right end product, to understand the market and stakeholders needs whilst balancing user requirements and technical considerations.”

“With so little to differentiate between one product and another, design is often perceived as superficial and to have little functional concern. Yet I believe that to compete a product must work exceptionally throughout its life; from attraction to experience, from promise to performance. For me this is at the heart of good design, it is so much more than selling a product by coating it in brushed aluminium or frosted plastic, at its core is the user and their needs.”

John brings experience of both consumer and medical product development, having worked on a diverse range of products, including drug delivery devices, wound management, diagnostics platforms and blood glucose monitoring. A degree in Product Design from Nottingham Trent University provided a solid foundation for John’s career, which has taken him into design consultancy roles in London and Cambridge.

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