Chris joined Team Consulting in 2020, to support our digital design team with his expertise in UX design. He is responsible for defining and optimising experiences for users and patients where a digital touchpoint is involved; for example, a smartphone, website or digital display on a device.

“At my core I deeply care about making the world a less complicated place. We’re connected all the time – to our phones, computers and each other. It can be difficult for people to filter out the noise from what’s truly important in life when your phone is filled with notifications, prompts and other requests for action. The solution is to build ecosystems, not just apps. Your first thoughts when creating a digital solution for a patient should be: ‘Which systems does a patient already use and how can we remove complexity for them?’”

“At Team, we have a huge breadth of experience in medical device design, medical research, engineering and countless other specialisms. That’s what I love about Team: a huge group of very switched-on individuals who eagerly share knowledge and experience in order to innovate and make impactful changes on the world.”

Now with over 10 years of experience in digital design, Chris discovered his passion when he began his career in web development and user-centred design. Working as a user interface designer and artworker on an array of projects at EE, he found user experience research and design to be where his skills lay. He went on to design the award-winning ASOS app for iOS and Android and led the user experience design team for Rappi – both products which have since been used by millions.

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