Charlie’s role at Team Consulting is, alongside many other development activities, to perform computational fluid dynamic (CFD) analysis of new medical devices. His valuable expertise in CFD allows him to relatively quickly assess a number of different concepts, allowing our clients to understand their best options before committing to the often costly and time consuming process of building and testing physical prototypes.

“Medical devices can be very technically advanced products, but the end user often judges them very subjectively. This presents a unique engineering challenge as you have to consider things other than what is the technically best solution.”

“At Team, as well as working with some very knowledgeable engineers, I am also able to work with talented designers and Human Factors experts to incorporate the objective and subjective into the most successful medical device possible. This technical challenge and collaborative atmosphere is what I enjoy about the medical device sector and Team in particular.”

Charlie graduated from the University of Leeds with a first class master’s degree in automotive (mechanical) engineering. Before joining Team, he contributed towards projects ranging from robotic camera pedestals for the broadcast and film industry, to research grade gas and particle analysers for automotive R&D.

Charlie is equally happy working on a lathe or performing complex CFD analysis. This broad experience combining both hands-on and analytical work allows him to approach problems from multiple angles and contribute to projects at all stages.

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